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Slay Like a Mother Book

The dragon raging inside you has a name, and it’s self-doubt. You’re the only one who can see it, so you’re the only one who can slay it.

You have two choices. You either learn to slay this beast, or it will slowly and silently slay you.

If you don’t rise up and take back your life and sanity, the constant battle and fighting will wear you down and wear you out. And you, your family, and the world will miss out on the best of you.

You already have all the tools, resources, and weapons you need within you to slay this dragon. You just don’t know it because you’ve been denying the dragon’s existence for entirely too long.

I slayed my dragon, and my life dramatically improved. Now, I’ve dedicated my life to helping other women do the same.

You can do this. I will help you.
Let’s go slay some dragons!

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Check out this video to help silence your self-doubt.


What’s holding you back

What’s holding you back


Slay Like a Mother Book

Slay Like a Mother spoke to my heart! This book reaches into the depths of yourself and helps you discover where your self-doubt started, how it manifested, and fantastic tools to slay that inner beast!

Dana Vollmer
Five-time Olympic gold medalist, first mom to win gold for U.S. swimming

I love everything about this book. The tone, the candor, the acceptance that we must love ourselves first before we can slay anything in life. It is time for us to let go of the guilt and let in the love.                 

Julie Foudy

Former captain of the US Women’s National Soccer Team and Olympic Gold Medalist

One of the top 10 life-changing self-help books every woman should read.
Best parenting book to help women crush their self-doubt and recognize their self-worth.

Uncover the Truth About

The Mask You’re
The one you hide behind when you say everything is “Just fine” when it’s not.
The goal-setting tactics you’re deploying to advance could be holding you back.
The Difference between Struggling & Suffering
Being a mother is a struggle — it always has been — but your suffering is optional.

Exercises from the Book

Download a deep dive into the exercises included in Slay Like a Mother.

Download our master “Slaying Schematic” and encapsulate your dragon-slaying ways in one place.